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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan This week's can badge [small]

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan This week's can badge [small]

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This week's can badge [small] is an original can badge that selected 20 photos from the "This week's contents" that introduced astronomical photographs taken by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and photos of facilities. It is a popular souvenir item that is also on sale at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mitaka Campus.

  • Anti-rust treated, safe hook pin
  • Licensed to use the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

[Size] Diameter 32 mm

National Astronomical Observatory This week's one can badge [small] all 20 species

  • Night summit facility and Southern Cross
  • Before night —— Subaru telescope off-shot
  • The constellation of winter, the sign of Tachiharu, which leaves behind the dead tree
  • VERA Ishigaki Island Observatory—20m Radio Telescope and Ophiuchus
  • The theoretical astronomy telescope, the supercomputer "Aterui"
  • Three people, challenge the universe
  • Making artificial stars with laser emitted from Subaru Telescope
  • Make the operation of the celestial body easy
  • VERA Incoming Observation Station—A 20-meter radio telescope and the Milky Way in winter
  • VERA Ogasawara Observatory——20m Radio Telescope and the Milky Way
  • ALMA Telescope and the Milky Way of the Southern Milky Way
  • Subaru Telescope receiving the morning sun and Mauna Kea's shadow in the sky
  • A winter night shines on the 50-centimeter public telescope
  • 188cm reflector telescope dome under the star of the sky
  • VERA Mizusawa Observatory — 20-meter radio telescope and Orion
  • Intersection of the solar system and the galaxy
  • Mauna Kea's quiet night watching the open cluster "Subaru" and Jupiter gently
  • NAOJ Mitaka, Spring 2015
  • NRO (light painting)
  • Staring at the sun for 60 years 


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