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National Astronomical Observatory 3D star map construction kit

National Astronomical Observatory 3D star map construction kit

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The three-dimensional star map work kit is a work kit that considers the constellation and the depth of the universe while making it. Stars we see from the earth and what kind of shapes do they line up when we jump out into space? Let's take a peek at the constellations shining with phosphorescent beads from the earth and from space. With name sheet and explanation. 
Licensed to use the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

[Planning] National Observatory Astronomical Information Center
[Data creation] National Astronomical Observatory JASMINE study room Taihei Yano

[Package size] 304x273x20 (mm)
[Complete size] W152xD152xH273 (mm)
[Material] Micro cardboard/paper/styrene/bamboo skewer + phosphorescent beads


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