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3D puzzle work kit

3D puzzle work kit

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Next-generation ultra-large telescope TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) 1/250 scale 3D puzzle is a tool-free, self-contained assembly kit. A 1/250 size model of the ultra-large optical telescope TMT is completed simply by combining the parts like a puzzle.

Thirty Meter Telescope

The Thirty Meter Telescope (=30-meter telescope; abbreviated as TMT) is a next-generation ultra-large astronomical telescope with an aperture of 30 m that is under construction with the aim of starting operation in 2024. This model, which was created with reference to the "Next Generation Super Large Telescope Planning Manual", has a structure in which the azimuth axis and altitude angle rotate, similar to the actually planned telescope. It is possible to confirm the mechanism from the secondary mirror to the observation device via the third mirror.

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