Planning/design/manufacturing flow

The process of "making paper products" can be roughly divided into three steps. We are open to consultation regarding planning, design, manufacturing, and any process.


① Planning: Decide what to make and how to make it

In the planning phase, we will propose an idea of the product based on the various requirements we have heard. We will coordinate the finished image with an illustration or a simple three-dimensional sample. Product specifications such as paper selection and number of copies, as well as rough estimates, production schedules, and rough designs will be compiled into a design summary.

  • 1. Hearing
    • Organize what you want to achieve
    • Identifying constraints and examining solutions
  • 2. Creating image rough
    • Suggest direction with illustrations
  • 3. Determining the design outline
    • Confirmation of product specifications/design/schedule

Various conditions

  • Period of use
  • weight
  • size
  • Target age
  • Place of use
  • Cost constraints etc...

Product specifications

  • quantity
  • size
  • design
  • design
  • cost
  • Delivery date etc...

What you can do at the planning stage

  • Product Specifications
  • design
  • Schedule

(2) Design: Materialization of creation and creation of submission data

In the design phase, based on the design outline summarized in the planning stage, we will create structure samples and create draft data for graphic design. After creating the shape and drawing, we will add the graphic design and finish it in the final shape. We will also proceed with the creation of cutting dies for processing and the preparation of manufacturing in parallel.

  • 1. Sample making
    • Creating die cutting data
    • Creating graphic instructions
  • 2. Graphic processing
    • Graphic design processing
    • Create comp with design
  • 3. Shape correction + data creation
    • Fine shape correction + punching die production
    • Creating data for trafficking

③Manufacturing: printing and post-processing (punching/pasting/in-house work etc.)

In the manufacturing phase, we will proceed with printing and various processing based on the submitted data. For printing, printing processing such as foil stamping may be performed. For large lots, we will consider punching by creating a blade mold, and for small lots, we will consider on-demand punching. Depending on the structure, it may be pasted and there may be a process such as internal work

  • 1. Printing
    • Submission, proofreading, second edition
    • Printing/print processing
  • 2. Processing
    • Removal/pasting on machine
    • Internal job processing, collation, etc.
  • 3. Shipping
    • Packing/storage/shipping

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