Example of work

We are good at designing special paper containers that can be manufactured in small lots to hundreds of thousands of lots. We can also design large cardboard items, small lot products, and pop-up picture books for exhibition photography.

Paper furoku/teaching materials

We propose a design plan for teaching materials that is inexpensive, has a short delivery time, and is made of paper that can be manufactured in large quantities.

Pop-up picture books that pop out

Design a shape that folds and pops out from a flat image.

Large/cardboard products

Large size, non-standard size, small size, large size are also available. You can also make one-touch furniture.

Paper craft

From children to adults, we offer paper craft designs with a degree of difficulty to suit your needs.

Novelty goods

Classic calendars, fans, original items, toys and more.

Work article writing

Device design, trial production, and article writing using paper

Of Honya plan
Paper planning and structural design services

From hundreds to hundreds of thousands. From big things to small things. We propose the optimum structure according to your budget.