Can't see

I was a little worried that I couldn't explain what was happening in my head when I was working on the development drawing in the article "The Process of Making Yahman on the Mountain" before. I've kept trying to explain it a little more and left it as it is, but I'll note that it looks like this.

It's more about what's happening than what's happening. Is it a little better?

The part that could not be explained is this figure ↓.

The word "shu" is used, but that is where the arrow in the blue background above shows.

Well, what doesn't matter is that it doesn't matter.

What you can do with "shut" depends on the person, but in my case this is a strange place.

But this has some problems. The door of the entrance and exit of a building in Shinjuku is covered with a mirror inside, and my head is in a maze, so I can't go outside for a while. I have contacted you.

I can't help it. It's rarer for a person to have a radar chart in place.

I think it's a miracle to have it in order.


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