Making a human skeleton model (mini) [4] Vertebrae, ribs

Continuing from the last time, it is a human skeleton model (mini).

We will make vertebrae and ribs.

[Vertebra → Ribs 12,11]

Only the side with a lot of slits can be squeezed.

Insert rib part No. 12 into the slit from below.

Then number 11

Seen from the back. I hook it with a small nail and fix it.

Wake up after folding the mountain

[Rib 10 → 1]

As shown in the photo, the parts with the left and right numbers overlap in order from 10.

Paste with tape glue etc.

I finished pasting everything

The front (front) looks like this

Insert from 10 to 1 in the same way as 11 and 12.

(If you can't reach it, use tweezers to work)

Do you have something that feels like when you finish eating grilled fish?

Once this work is done, the rest will be easier.

Next time:[Finishing the vertebrae, connecting the pelvis and spinal column]

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