If the paper thing and the EC site get along well [Part 1] (Forgetting to save and writing

 About the packaging box,

The story that if paper things and EC sites get along well


I want to make the operation easier to wrap the product I want to sell (by myself).

I don't want to waste time and energy wrapped in wrapping paper.

The photo is a white sample made by honyaplan,

Even with such a normal packaging box

Especially when pasting with a machine or when a process such as manual work is involved

I have to make a lot of 10,000 or 30,000

The unit price of the box will be high.

I don't want to raise the selling price for the box price.

But I like a box that is easy to operate.

In such a case, it is probably this box.

There is a feeling of being entangled.

If you stick with a machine in the foreground, it will start up semi-automatically.


When it comes to packaging boxes

How about the size and weight of the product

Is it watery or dry?

What season do you want to sell

How to reduce the shipping fee

What kind of paper should I use? What is there

How do you want the product to be taken out?

Do you want to add fun bonuses...

There are many elements,

Most of the time, I think about it. 


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