第1回 FemTech Tokyo

1st FemTech Tokyo

"1st FemTech Tokyo"

(October 21, 2022)

From your business partner

We were informed that we would be unveiling a new, renewed product

An exhibition where you can meet companies that support women's "health" and "activity"

"The 1st 1Time FemTech Tokyo".

Because we were working only online and by mail

This was my first opportunity to meet the person in charge.

The 1st FemTech Tokyo

Date 2022Year10/22(Thurs)22(Sat)10:00~17:00

Venue Tokyo Big Sight East7Hall

Jusaku RX JapanK.K.

Exhibitors 200Companies

I visited on a weekday, a business day for companies.

I arrived just in the morning.

FemTechWhat is...


Pregnancy and postpartum, pre-menopause and menopause in the female life stage
Femtech products and services that can solve various issues such as class="s1">and will be called Femtechby 20255trillion yen market. span>
by ." (From the FemTechTokyo website)

First point of consideration for this unveiling visit

  • How it is displayed.
  • How people who come to see it react
  • What kind of companies and products
  • Is there anything I could do
  • What can I learn from this exhibition?

Beginning to get around quickly

All of the companies were new to me


We have no idea where to stop.

At first, we went to the customer's booth.

For now, let's go to your booth!


We were able to meet and greet the person in charge of the project.

We were also able to take pictures of the product display.

It all looked so nice and bright.

When you first contacted us

I am not surprised by what comes my way

I was shocked after a long time by the impact of the products.

And the clinicians who visited this booth

"Wow, this is a great time..."


They were shocked.

We designed and designed this renewal

They hold paper cups, shaped like flowers or birds

It will be a white holder.

[Product website]

[Baby Life Institute]

Circle the venue

I couldn't tell what it was like just by looking at it

At any rate, I'll start with the ones I'm interested in and ask, "What's this?

At first, I start with the ones I'm interested in and ask, "What is this?

As I go around, I start with what interests me and ask, "What is this?

I'll go around asking "what's this?

Many of them had impressions like, "So that's the world.

We saw exhibitors not only from all over Japan, but also from outside Japan, such as Korea.

Anyway, we are trying to help women do the things that are "hard to do if left alone.

We'll do whatever it takes to make you comfortable or solve your problems!

There was an explosion of energy.

(This is the atmosphere of other companies' booths)

Roughly what was there


Underwear and other clothing

Beauty and health food related

Fertility items

Online pill prescription

Nursing care items

Controlled medical devices

Regenerative medicine related

"To alleviate physical discomfort"

"To prevent major health problems from occurring"

"To maintain good health and comfort"

"To prevent major health problems from occurring"

"To maintain good health and comfort"

"To make it easier and more comfortable to do things that used to be difficult"


... So that's what we're working on.

"Best 3 things I learned for the first time"

・Something that when you breathe on it, you know you have a risk of breast cancer


Female extracorporeal catheters

-Kits that can test and analyze intestinal flora

"Things I'm personally interested in for the hutu"

There's one that's expensive but cheap


I was curious about that kind of thing, so I made a note of it.

It will be comfortable~

Magnesium sulfate bath salts absorbed into the skin

Special mugwort steaming set

It was interesting to see the variety and range of problems

From trying to solve something that is extremely troubling


From those that are not so much trouble

Something that will make your life a lot easier, something that will make you feel comfortable, etc.

There was quite a variety and range of ideas.

There was quite a variety and range.

Many of the designers are uncles

And most people involved in paper container design are men

And if you don't also combine the out-of-shape design part

It can become boxy or just functional.

In the creation process

I think it's hard to find people who are willing to do design and practical design at the same time.

I think it is hard to meet people who are willing to do design and practical design at the same time.

It's hard to find people who are willing to do design and practical design all at once.

In this case, I happen to be a woman, so I guess I was just right.

See you next time.

FemTechTokyo will have a second edition.

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