3D star map construction kit 88

The "3D star map construction kit" that we have received inquiries from various places. Book review by Mr. Mitsuo Kanai? Also write. Thank you very much.

A rare book found in a science and engineering book corner at a famous bookstore in Shinjuku West Exit. Rather than a kit. I'm pretty conscious of kids, but this is a stately product for adults. It is difficult to understand in lower grades of elementary school where there is almost no spatial recognition. However, it is a very useful kit for adults who absolutely need cosmic recognition. I went home and worked on it at a low price of 1200 yen without tax. Completed in 10 minutes. (Omitted) Perhaps the authors are thinking of planning and selling Orion constellation, other constellations, Hyades star cluster in the future, but at first glance this kit that looks like a maniac is lined up in bookcases of many bookstores The reviewer wants to imagine that. 

Discerning Astronomy Review: "3D Star Map Work Kit 01 Big Dipper"-Hoshi Navi.com

Of course, I would like to continue with 02, 03… 87, 88, as in “3D Star Chart Construction Kit 01”, but there is a place where I can not understand unless I actually make it, where a big problem is discovered, This is because, considering the width and depth of the constellations, the scales of the constellations are so different that it is very difficult to fit them in a certain size.

So far, we have only "01 Hokuto Shichisei", but we would like to increase the lineup little by little, so I hope you can wait for the sequel.

Please contact us from the form for purchasing in large numbers at workshops and handling at retail stores. There is a transview treatment for purchases at bookstores. Please feel free to contact us.

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