Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory 45m Radio Telescope Paper Craft

National Astronomical Observatory Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory 45m radio telescope How to make paper craft.
First, I will explain with a 1/400 picture.

Then start.

"Lower equipment room" and "collimator tower"

Insert the margin of the collimator tower into the hole in the lower equipment room, unfold it, and stick it on the back side of the ceiling of the lower equipment room.

"Secondary mirror stay"

Be careful because it is easy to make a mistake in the place to paste. A hexagonal prism is completed in the middle. "Secondary mirror" is attached to the bottom.

"Center hub and repressing gear"

(The holes are hexagons in this image, but they are circles in the development view of the sheet.)

"Cradle" and "Pan-axis"

"Beam transmission system ① and ②"

First of all, connect through the hexagonal hole of the "beam transmission system ①" through the "restriction axis".
At this time, be careful to come to the right side from the front side of the "mountain".
(Even if you make a mistake, it will be in shape only if the connecting part comes to a prominent position)

Next, insert "beam transmission system ②" into the round hole of "beam transmission system ①".

Close the box lid of the beam transmission system ①



Create a tube and close the two lids together

With the "angle head part" attached, the angle head is set on the mount.
If it’s done here

Glue "Sunshade panel ③"
A circle in the middle of the "pedestal", do not discard it, paste it here over it

Insert the "Sunshade panel ②"
I will paste where I am interested

"Elevator" is also put in
"Beam transmission system" and "elevator" are glued to the side margin of "lower equipment room"

Slide the "primary mirror panel ①" slit into a ring
Stick glue on the connecting part of the loop and fix it

Fold the "pedestal" ①, cover it with ②, and snap it into the slit.

So far, it looks like this!

Insert the "sunshade panel ①"

After looping the "awning panel ③", insert the "secondary mirror stay" into the three slits, open the tip and paste it.

"Primary mirror panel" and "Awning panel" are laminated and bonded
The glue should be attached at 4 points on the left and right of the top and bottom. If it is sticky, the paper will be distorted.
Double-sided tape is also convenient.

Open the "bottom of the pedestal" and insert it into the "pedestal" hole.



The frame and panel are movable, so move it slowly.
So today is this
Have a nice day

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