Making a human body skeleton model (mini) [3] sternum + costal cartilage

It is a human skeleton model (mini) following the last time.

Make the sternum + costal cartilage.


Start from this part


The ribs ① are already attached, so I will start with the ribs ②.

Mini has the thickness of paper for the size you want to complete.

If you open the insertion slit in advance with an awl

You can easily insert it.

rib② andribI have just inserted ③.


ribI have just inserted it to ⑤.rib⑥ already exists

nextrib⑦ and ⑧. 


It looks like this. In case of mini, if it is difficult to insert

I will paste it from above.

If you've done this far, turn it back, sternum,rib⑨, then attach the clavicle in that order.


If it is difficult to assemble, please cut the pink line and adjust it.


When this is done, apply a small amount of woodworking adhesive and close the lid.

It is OK to tape it from the top.



Fold it like a lid and cover it with your sternum.

Two ears to hold the clavicle

Attach the woodworking adhesive and fold it.


This completes the sternum + costal cartilage.

Thank you.


Next time: vertebra, ribs



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