Making a human body skeleton model (mini) [2] Skull

It is a human skeleton model (mini).


・Making a skull

Mini suddenly uses tweezers from this first insertion

A half cut of the sewing machine is included in the folding position.


Back side


Use an awl and open the slit a little.



Insert right and left


Fold down


Fold up

The thickness of the paper makes it a bit relieved


I got a face


Parts to use next


Actually it doesn't matter where they are assembled

There should be places that are easy to work with


The smallest part should be facing the picture from behind


I lick it down and work a little flat


The claw on the top of the head is locked in the slit.


Round the lower jaw part round


Knock down flat and fold with tweezers

(This folding part may be easier to do first)


Bond the open parts of your face with a bond


Hold it down a little with tweezers




With glue bonding, the attachment position may shift

The good thing about it is that it doesn't exist if you make it with "sashimi".

And that you can start over.




Next time: sternum + costal cartilage

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