Preparation for making a human skeleton model (mini) [1]

Until completion of human body skeleton model (mini)

Write the article in several steps.

In addition to the assembly guide,

I hope you will refer to this photo.



・Preparation of tools

What you may not be able to imagine in the guide

It may be there, so I will post it.

The photos are the ones I use and are quite old.

Choose the one that you think is easy to use.

From left to right...

Olfa cutter What is automatically locked
(The blade is a special-purpose black blade small BB50K)

Remove lettering (press small creases or crush burrs)

Knock type pen scriber (for removing small holes)

Awl (this is an unknown manufacturer used by my father, but it can be sold at Amazon, handicraft stores, art supplies stores, etc.)

Tweezers (vine neck)

・Remove parts from the seat

The parts are attached to the seat with "tsuna".

If you cut the work piece with a cutter and remove the parts

It doesn't leave any stickiness.

Large parts may be peeled off, but

Because small parts may be torn

Carefully cut off at the jumper.


Also clean out small holes.

I just cut it off.


Since the part name is written on the sheet

Please save it yet.



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