Making a human skeleton model (mini) [Part 1] Preparation

Until the human skeleton model (mini) is completed

I will write the article in several parts.

In addition to the assembly guide,

I hope you can use this photo as a reference.

・Prepare tools

What you may not have imagined in the guide

I might have one, so I'll post it here.

The photo is the one I'm using and it's quite old.

Choose the one that you feel comfortable using.

From left to right...

Olfa Cutter Auto-lock (blade special black blade small BB50K)

Peeling off the lettering (pressing fine creases and crushing burrs)

Retractable pen type scribe needle (for removing small holes)

Awl (This is the one my father used and the manufacturer is unknown, but you can buy it at Amazon, craft stores, art supply stores, etc.)

Tweezers (Tweezers neck)

・Remove the parts from the seat

The parts are attached to the seat with "connections".

Cut the jumper with a cutter and remove the parts

No sticky bumps remain.

Large parts can be torn off with a snap, but

Small parts may break

Carefully cut it off at the joint.

Clean even the small holes.

It's all cut off.

Since the parts name is written on the sheet,

Please keep it.

Next time: Skull

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