How to make something like a "spring" from paper

The fact that I wanted to make something like "spring" from paper

It means that you have gotten a little deep into the paper world.

First, it’s good to know that paper has “eyes”

The grain of paper is the same as the grain of wood.

The direction in which the paper fibers run.

There is an explanation on Mr. Takeo's site

When making a large amount of paper with a machine, it is the direction in which the pulp flows with the water inside the machine.

In the case of "paper making" such as making paper by melting Japanese paper or milk carton,

Since water flows in various directions, you can not see it

In other words, it is difficult to make a spring with Japanese paper.

In the picture above, the left side says that "the eyes are running in the long direction". By the way, the right side is "short side"

By the way

Approximately when drawing a development view of a box thing, draw it in the longitudinal direction.

The reason is that the three-dimensional object is more durable.

The card paper in the above photo has eyes running in the direction of the arrow

If you wind it in the direction of your eyes, it will be easy to roll. It's easy to understand when you think of it as a "suzume" when making seaweed rolls.

The fragility is also different. Please try it.

Now let's make a "thing like a spring".


First of all, if you fold the card paper you made earlier into the shape shown in the photo

The jump table is complete.

As always, pay attention to the "paper grain".

Both ends are folded at 45 degrees.

Then the small ones


Also prepared by folding long thin paper alternately

Have you ever done it with a straw bag?



Put these on a big jump

Hold the edge and quickly pull the held hand toward you! When

It will fly, so please try it.

(If you hold the paper that is in contact with the desk with your other hand, it will work.)

Lightly fly over 30 cm.

that's all.

Bye now for today
Have a nice day



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