Clear Paper Craft National Observatory Telescope Work Kit


I made a paper craft of TMT, but it is difficult to cut the paper, so I made a precut kit. (By the way, the data isNAOJ siteIs being distributed at

Not only TMT, but also Nobeyama 45m is a new design considering ease of making. It may be interesting to compare it with the published paper craft. I want to make ALMA on Subaru, but it's hard to turn around.

Put the assembly guide. If it is DL from HP, it takes a lot of time to cut it, but if it is a cut kit, it will be assembled in about 1 hour.

You can see the enormous size of TMT by lining it up with the Nobeyama 45m radio telescope paper craft of the same scale (1/500). Imagine the giant giant telescope that will be built higher than the summit of Mauna Kea and Mt. Fuji.

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