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National Astronomical Observatory Observatory Tenugui Tenugui

National Astronomical Observatory Observatory Tenugui Tenugui

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National Astronomical Observatory hand-printed hand towel

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's observation facilities are original towels designed by National Astronomical Observatories in Japan and overseas, such as the Subaru Telescope, ALMA Telescope, and Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope. Each piece is carefully dyed by craftsmen using the "hand printing" technique.

  • [Color] Navy blue, light gray, light peach
  • [Material] 100% cotton, made in Japan (Tokyo)

hand-printed tenugui

Hand printing is a manufacturing method in which a mold is made and color paste is applied by hand to permeate the color into the fabric. The skill of the craftsman who measures the degree of penetration of the dye is required. In addition, compared to hand-dyeing, hand-dyeing is less prone to fading and can express fine patterns and other highly designed items. After dyeing, the towels are completed through processes such as drying, steaming, washing, and ironing.

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