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Origami Feather Classic T-shirt [Light Color]

Origami Feather Classic T-shirt [Light Color]

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folding diagram feather

This illustration shows the stroke before folding the wings after folding the petals and folding in the middle, where the head and tail are formed. It is an image of a traditional folding method that is familiar to those who are familiar with origami.

About Origami Series

I extracted one frame from the explanation of how to fold "origami crane", the most popular work of Japanese traditional origami, and laid it out on the front.
Origami is a traditional Japanese game of folding paper to create the shapes of animals, plants, and everyday tools, and is representative of Japanese culture. It is a work that I do not know who first thought of how to fold it.
Origami is everyone's peaceful treasure. Wear it with haori, happi coat, steteko, geta, setta sandals, tabi, hold a fan, hang a tenugui on your shoulder, and enjoy wearing a straw hat.
If you ever go to a Japanese public bath or hot spring, be sure to bring a change of clothes and toast with beer or sake.

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