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Pixel BANANA flip-flops

Pixel BANANA flip-flops

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This is where a banana wearing a hat is dancing

Enjoy pixel art as a new graphic style. You might want to tidy up your room after hanging this art, and a lonely place can become a fun area.

About Pixel series

Pixel art changes completely by changing the position and color of one dot. Each dot has one color, so the fewer dots there are on a screen, the more important information each dot becomes.The degree of abstraction increases, but at the last minute it remains concrete and stays before symbols.

sublimation print flip flops

Let's enjoy summer with colorful beach sandals only for you. Soft fabric is used for the lining of the rubber sole so that you can walk comfortably anywhere. Comfortable rubber sole with soft polyester lining. Let's liven up the summer with our original beach sandals.

About product
  • rubber sole
  • Customizable 100% polyester lining
  • Black Y-shaped rubber strap
  • thong sandals
  • Blank products are made in China
  • Products are made to order. You can order from 1 item.

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