IKEA mail order packaging

I ordered an IKEA product because I could buy it online if it was a small item.

When it arrived, I was surprised because it was an overkill packaging manager.

Am@zon's "big box" seems cute.

Many of the orders were broken items such as tableware and small items,

I have to send it over the mountains to Kofu, so...

It was a packing that I could hear the voice of the staff saying "It's hard!".

take only one.

The next picture is a glass container that holds oil etc. in small portions.

what is packed.

See also size ratio with Mackie.

Because it is wrapped round and round

At first, I unrolled and rolled backwards until the product came out.

However, since everything is a round and round packaging method, there is no end in sight.

I think I bought about 10 of these.

That's right, everyone who bought the one to put oil in!

Push it out in the direction of the top and bottom!

(It doesn't come off as Supon. It feels like Miri Miri Miri)

yes. I got it.

If you don't want the packing material, just crush it.

It's OK if you put it out on miscellaneous paper or recycled paper day.

And this kraft paper stretching packing material produces paper dust.

And since the cross section of the paper touches, is there any concern about scratches?

Two layers of thin white paper are wrapped inside.

All fragile items have been "wrapped".

The glass in the box made of thin cardboard is also packed in the box.


Wouldn't it be better to ask someone who specializes in corrugated packaging structures to do this?

Also, since the cardboard of the outer box is thin, how about using multiple layers?

This packing material is interesting, but why do you use double layers like this again...

IKEA mail order, go for it!

Just because you use paper doesn't mean it's sustainable.

(The product itself looks nice! The yellow hand towel is cute!)

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