3D Star Chart Craft Kit 88

We have received inquiries from various places for the "3D Star Map Craft Kit". Mitsuo Kanai also found it, and a book review? Please also write thank you.


Discerning astronomical document review: "3D Star Map Craft Kit 01 Big Dipper" - HoshiNavi.com

Just like the "3D star map craft kit 01", of course I want to continue with 02, 03 ... 87, 88, but there is a big problem that I can't understand until I actually make it. This is because when you actually think about the width and depth of the constellations, there are too many differences in the scale of each constellation, making it extremely difficult to fit them into a fixed size.

So, for now, it's just "01 Big Dipper", but I'd like to increase the lineup little by little, so I'd appreciate it if you could wait a little bit for the sequel.

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