[Children's Science April 2019] Kodomonokagaku Institute

"A wobbly vertical experiment kit"

Children's Science April 2019 issue "Funny Craft Development Site Kodomonokagaku Research Institute" is "a wobbly building experiment kit". Three types of structure, damping, anti-seismic, and seismic isolation, are made using only paper.

It's hard to tell the difference at first glance, but in fact there's a big difference. You can create horizontal and vertical swaying by moving and hitting the pulling seismic motion, and you can experiment with how the structure of the building sways.

Item memo

This time as well, the tools to be prepared are "a ballpoint pen or stylus that has run out of ink", but it is also recommended to use the tools you use when peeling off screentones and instant lettering . There are various names such as "burnisher" and "transer". (Some people call it ``in-letter peeling'' or ``ear-cleaning''.)

The artist is still using the one he bought at an art supply store over 20 years ago (or maybe even longer...), but the ones on sale today look good. If there's an art supply store near you, it might be better to go directly to see if there are other types available, and you don't have to pay for shipping.

By the way, in the case of this transer, if it is thin paper, the side with a small ball will make a line. The spatula type on the other side can be used when making a package with cardboard. A thin slot with a width of 2mm to 3mm is made in hard paper about the thickness of a paper file, and the paper that you want to make a line is covered with, and the spatula side of the Transer is used to press down on the paper to make it dent. . You can create beautiful ruled lines just like a product.

Download the paper pattern for the “Wobble Building Experiment Kit”

You can download the paper pattern for the "Wobbling Vertical Experiment Kit" from here . It's at the bottom, so scroll down. Here is the direct link.

This time, the theme was buildings, and while researching the structure of earthquakes, the author finds it difficult to create a craft that explains this, but it seems interesting. I thought something might happen.

This time, we are also a little cooperating with the "After School Detective Maker Edition" at the very end of the same page, Honyaplan. I may write an article about that as well, stay tuned!

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