Turn of the picture book

besides the Christmas tree

When you open up a gorgeous four-room “gimmick picture book” with lots of gimmicks,

for a while

While my 6-year-old boy came and muttered

You can start building your own story using the attached doll parts.

Leave it alone.

He's a heavy user of Pokemon, Mario, Atsumori, and Minecraft.

Something like this would be fun.

I'll leave it out for a while.

I think it's an image of using it like a hanging scroll in the alcove.

Hanging scrolls and bellows things are like cousins.

This picture book had been kept as a reference since before he was born.

It looks like it's geared toward girls, but boys seem to enjoy it too.

Because there are "inside" and "outside" in the book

You can go "somewhere outside" right away.

Various heavy specifications.

Glitter special printing, different materials

Lots of gimmick processing

Full course with nice illustrations

The doll parts are attached to the sheet and have a large capacity.

Christmas time

The size of the bosom where you can hide sweets.

I also want a small box like a gift box.

"Yosei's Fuyu Rest"


https://www.ehonnavi.net/ehon/23794/Yousei Fuyu Rest/

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