Records of Space Apollo [Fujipan]

In the condition that I don't know what to eat for lunch

When I went to Famima, they sold a bread called "Space Apollo".

Smaller than a strawberry sandwich. (135×70mm)

It was on the bottom of the shelf. It looks like it's fallen.

position for the child to find.

We are a company that makes and sells observatory goods.

I can't help but buy it because it's a space.

(This is the one that jumps out into space)

I bought it because it's cute. is 80%.

Please see the cross section. Fuka.

Contains pomegranate.

This is a star! Granny is a star!

The milk-flavored cream is puffy in the middle! Maybe a galaxy!

The outline is of course the moon. It's yellowish.

The side with the baked color is the inside side.

For lunch, I ate git git tsukemen.

I had this as a dessert.


Please prepare barley tea or coffee.

Person 2 in our company investigated and found out that it was the one that was "introduced on TV".

It's for a limited time.

For details, visit the Fujipan website.

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