Packing box containing one Yuzu roll pickle from Goryeo

It's almost the end of the year!

From Hidaka city, Saitama prefecture

I got a box of 1.

Since it is a box that does not have folding lines on the sides,

It remains the image wrapped in wrapping paper so far.

It fits the size of the product and is easy to operate.

I am relieved to hear that it is well received by the staff.

graphic design is

Taking advantage of the pattern of the wrapping paper that I have been using

I make it fit in the box.

It is folded when delivered.

Genpoan "Korai's Yuzu Rolled Pickles"

"JA Irumano Hidaka Central Direct Sales Office" opens on the 26th

"Hidaka Family Maruhiro" will be on sale from the 28th to December 1st.

On New Year's Day, it will be sold at two locations near Korai Shrine.

1 Approach from Koma Shrine to Shoten-in Temple 2 South side of Koma Shrine No. 1 Parking Lot

By the way, when I go to visit Koryo Shrine...

Prosperous business & success in life... apparently! ! is.

This is local information, but on New Year's Day after 9:30 am

Cars are congested and nearby parking lots fill up.

I'm on my way home at 9 o'clock.

It seems that companies and groups are accepting reservations for the New Year 2021.

Well then!

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