NAOJ Observatory HSC Space Can Batch [Small]

NAOJ Observatory HSC Space Can Batch [Small]

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Space magnet seen by the Subaru Telescope HSC [Small] is a magnet designed with astronomical images taken by the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) ultra-wide-field principal focus camera mounted on the Subaru Telescope. We are using the 1st period data of HSC's Large-scale Strategic Framework Program (HSC-SSP), which was released in February 2017.

The source data is"HSC" viewerAnyone can see at. For more information on the HSC ViewerHerePlease refer to the.

  • Natural Sciences Research Institute National Astronomical Observatory copyrighted product

[Size] Diameter 32 mm

NAOJ Magnet [Small] All 18 universes to see with Subaru Telescope HSC

  • Orion Nebula (M42)
  • Pleiades star cluster (M45, Japanese name "Subaru")
  • Dwarf Galaxy KKR25
  • Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
  • Eye of horus
  • Spiral galaxy M101
  • Gravity lens 1 SDSS J115214.19+003126.5
  • Gravity lens 2 NVSS J142016+005718
  • Gravity lens 3 2SLAQ J144132.67-005358.3
  • Gravity lens 4 PMN J2329-0121
  • Tadpole Galaxy (UGC 10214)
  • Collision Galaxy 1 UGC 12589 & 2MASX J23250382+0001068
  • Collision Galaxy 2 2MASX J16270254+4328340
  • Collision Galaxy 3 LEDA 2535615 & LEDA 2535506
  • Collision Galaxy 4 NGC 7667
  • Collision Galaxy 5 UGC 9327 & FIRST
  • Perseus galaxy cluster
  • Himiko

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