NAOJ Observatory Strap [Mini]

NAOJ Observatory Strap [Mini]

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Strap [Mini] NAOJ Observatory is an original can batch designed for the NAOJ Observatory in Japan and overseas such as Subaru Telescope, ALMA Telescope and Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope. It is a popular souvenir item that is also on sale at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Mitaka Campus.

  • Rust prevention processed
  • Licensed to use the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

[Size] Diameter 25 mm

National Astronomical Observatory Strap [mini] All 6 types of observation facilities at the National Observatory

  • Hinode Science Project
  • ALMA telescope
  • Subaru Telescope
  • Okayama Astrophysical Observatory
  • Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory
  • Mizusawa VLBI Observatory

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