M87 center black hole can batch [extra large]

M87 center black hole can batch [extra large]

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A giant black hole shadow centered on the M87 nebula of the galaxy, a schematic diagram of light trajectories around the black hole, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope, an international cooperation project integrating eight radio telescopes on the earth, M87 center It is a can batch designed with the image of the center of the black hole.

  • Anti-rust treated, safe hook pin
  • Credit: EHT Collaboration, Nicolle R. Fuller/NSF, Jordy Davelaar et al./Radboud University/BlackHoleCam

[Size] Diameter 100 mm

M87 center black hole can batch [extra large] All 4 types

  • M87 center black hole image taken by EHT
  • Image of M87 center black hole area
  • Black Hole Shadow Conceptual Diagram A
  • Black hole shadow conceptual diagram B

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