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Of Honya plan"Made from cardboard! Honkuk secret base work"One of

"Triangular cone secret base" is posted.


This is modeled on an American Indian mobile home called Tipi.

Moomin snuffkins use light zelt or tipi

It depends on the version you draw.

(I also made a Celt type, but it is not listed in this content)



Speaking of what you can do with cardboard

Grass, branches, stones, cicada shellsDecorate with paint!

→ It's really cool.

The bonding method is...

① Use woodworking adhesive, gum tape, double-sided tape, etc.

② Make two holes each and tie it through the binding band.



I want you to stretch the strings and make a sound or put in a speaker.

When summer is over, autumn is coming, winter is coming

I want you to make it moco with autumn leaves and dead leaves.

It's nice to attach a photo to make a three-dimensional gallery.


It's a little heavy, but I think there is a "feel".

See you next time.