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NAOJ Logo WIC. T-shirt

NAOJ Logo WIC. T-shirt

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The NAOJ logo WIC. T-shirt is a T-shirt that uses the functional material Wickron, which is ideal for outdoor activities. The logo of NAOJ National Astronomical Observatory of Japan is displayed.

  • The base material is wicklon, which is a comfortable material with a natural texture and high functionality.
  • This T-shirt uses short fibers that have a gentle texture like cotton while suppressing the fluff that causes fluff, and long fibers that have a gentle feel to the skin, with excellent water absorption and diffusion properties.
  • Even in white fabrics, it has a high level of UV protection of 90% or more. You can use it for outdoor activities with confidence.
  • National Institute of Natural Sciences National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Licensed

[Size] S/M/L
[Color] Navy/White
[Material] Wickron® [Polyester]
[Average weight] 144g

Chest measurement 98 102 108
Length 64 66 68
Girder length 41 43 45
shoulder width 43 45 47



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