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M87 center black hole magnet [small]

M87 center black hole magnet [small]

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A giant black hole shadow centered on the galaxy M87 Nebula, a schematic diagram of the trajectory of light around the black hole, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope, an international cooperation project that integrates eight radio telescopes on the earth, M87 center It is a magnet designed with the image of the center of the black hole.

  • Credit: EHT Collaboration, Nicolle R. Fuller/NSF, Jordy Davelaar et al./Radboud University/BlackHoleCam

[Size] Diameter 32 mm

M87 center black hole magnet [Small] 4 types

  • M87 center black hole image taken by EHT
  • Image of M87 center black hole area
  • Black Hole Shadow Conceptual Diagram A
  • Black hole shadow conceptual diagram B
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