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National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Observation facility Hand-printed towel

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Observation facility Hand-printed towel

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National Astronomical Observatory Tenugui Tenugui The observation facilities at the National Astronomical Observatory are the original Tenugui towels designed by the observation facilities of the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan and overseas, such as the Subaru Telescope, the ALMA Telescope, and the Nobeyama 45m Radio Telescope. By the "hand-printing" technique, craftsmen carefully dye each piece one by one.

Hand-printed towel

Hand-printing is a method of making a pattern and hand-printing color paste to penetrate the color into the fabric. The skill of the craftsman who is involved in the degree of dye penetration is required. In addition, hand-printing is less likely to cause discoloration than casting, and can express fine designs such as fine patterns. After the dyeing work, the process of drying, steaming, washing, ironing, etc. is completed to complete the wipe.

National Institute of Natural Sciences National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Licensed product

    [Color] Navy blue, light mouse, light peach
    [Material] 100% cotton, made in Japan (Tokyo)



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