Flow of planning / design / manufacturing

The process of “making paper container products” can be broadly divided into three parts. We are available for consultation on planning, design, manufacturing, and any process.

① Planning: Deciding what to make and how to make it

In the planning phase, we will propose an idea for the product based on the various requirements you have asked. Illustrations or simple three-dimensional samples are used to match the finished image. Product specifications such as paper selection and number of copies, rough estimates, production schedules, and general designs are compiled into a design outline.

1. Hearing

  • Organize what you want to achieve
  • Identification of constraints and consideration of solutions

2. Creating an image rough

  • Suggest directions with illustrations

3. Determination of design outline

  • Confirmation of product specifications, designs, and schedules

various conditions

  • Period of use
  • weight
  • size
  • Target age
  • Place of use
  • cost constraints, etc...

Product specifications

  • quantity
  • size
  • design
  • design
  • cost
  • delivery date etc...

Things to decide at the planning stage

  • Product Specifications
  • design
  • schedule

② Design: Materialization of what to create and creation of submitted data

In the design phase, based on the design outline compiled in the planning stage, we create structural samples and submit data for graphic design. After solidifying the shape and creating a drawing, we will add graphic design and finish it to the final shape. At the same time, we also proceed with the creation of the cutting tool for processing and the preparation of manufacturing.

1. Sample making

  • Creating cutting die data
  • Creating graphic instructions

2. Graphics processing

  • Comp creation with design
  • Graphic design processing

3. Shape correction + data creation

  • Fine shape correction + cutting die production
  • Creating data for submission

③ Manufacturing: Printing and post-processing (cutting/pasting/side work, etc.)

In the manufacturing phase, we will proceed with printing and various processing based on the submitted data. Some printing processes such as foil stamping may be used for printing. If it is a large lot, we will consider punching with a blade shape created, and if it is a small lot, we will consider punching on demand. Depending on the structure, there may be processes such as pasting and side work.

1. Print

  • Submission, proofreading, final version
  • Printing/print processing

2. Processing

  • Punching/machine pasting
  • Side job processing, collation, etc.

3. Shipping

  • Packing/Storage/Shipping